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February 15, 2010

Tim Tebow and Pro Choice

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I have personal feelings about the issues of Pro Choice vs. Pro Life….or so it’s called.  The Florida Gator, Tim Tebow has taken some very strong, commited stands about his faith.  I respect that.  But, the meanderings of my mind right now isn’t so much about being Pro Choice or Pro Life, it’s about the very term, “Pro Choice.”  Pro Choice, by it’s very definition, assumes that the person making the choice is going to be given the right of knowing all sides of the question.  If a group of people is truely taking a stand for a woman (or man) having the rights to make their own decision regarding life, or death of an unborn child, why are they threatened by the presentation of real life experiences being added to the mix of good information.  Isn’t pro choice the right to choose based on ALL the information?  Just sayin’…
If you haven’t seen the Superbowl Tim Tebow ad, here it is:


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